Estimates based upon average prices of buildings per square metre, whilst often provided free of charge, are at best based upon the opinion of the surveyor and at worst based upon national average prices for the type of project without any project specific input. The main advantage of estimates provided on this basis being the speed at which they can be generated and the minimal or zero charge levied for their provision.

On the other hand, estimates based upon the measurement of approximate quantities require the design to have been developed and drawn to a level sufficient for the measurement by the estimator of approximate quantities from the drawings. The process involves considerable time for the professionals commissioned with a corresponding level of cost to the client.

e-Griffin has been developed to bridge the gap between these two options.

Ballpark Quote Professional Quote


For those projects which are still in the early stages we offer a free online Construction Cost Calculator which provides a Professional Preliminary Estimate, which can be used to match your design and specifications to your budget or it can be used to provide a quick less accurate Ball Park Estimation.