"I think that you were the difference. As the Client's agent I know the amount of effort and time you devoted to making the MCC project, a project of excellence. Please see my testimonial below.

The Mildmay (Mayville ) Community Centre is now an internationally recognised Community Centre which has received 4 Awards and been Highly Commended for its Eco and cost efficiency credentials:

  • Best Retrofit – UK Passivhaus Awards 2012
  • Best Public Sector Building – 3R (Refurb, Rethink, Retrofit) Awards 2011
  • Winner of Constructing Excellence Awards, Building Performance in London and SE England 2012
  • Winner of Green Build Awards 2012, Leisure Category
  • Highly commended - RICS UK Regional Award for Design and Innovation 2012

To learn more about this project, visit http://www.passivhaustrust.org.uk/UserFiles/File/Projects/Awards2012/Presentations/2012UKPHAwards_Mayville%20CC.pdf

This project however, may not have even got off the ground, never mind completed to this standard without Richard Whidborne’s involvement. From the client perspective Richard provided the right guidance from the onset of the project; selection of the main contractor, showing us that cheapest price doesn't always mean the best price, he was instrumental in saving the project and ensuring that the project could be completed, by revising specifications to reduce costs.

The first line of Rudyard Kipling's poem If exemplifies Richard's and E-Griffin attitude and approach " If you can keep your head when all about you are losing theirs....

It was Richard’s ability to workout alternative plans (when financial, political and logistical problems arose) negotiate changes, vigorously challenge costs from suppliers and effectively and calmly communicate at everyone’s level that resulted in this amazing Passivhaus standard refurbishment being completed.

Under the circumstances this project found itself up against, the Awards that this Community Centre have won are a direct reflection on Richard Whidborne’s professional capabilities."

Trevor Mbatha, Former Chief Executive of Mildmay Community Partnership

"Richard Whidborne was recommended to us by our architect. He came on board at the beginning of the project but we did not utilise his services as much as we should have at this stage, which we should have done. Some Architects sell you a dream without regard for price.

By engaging with Richard more fully earlier we would have saved a lot of time and disappointment. As with many renovation projects, it turned out to be bigger, more complicated and consequently more costly than we originally thought.

Because the projects changed so much and new work was being negotiated and agreed throughout, it was essential to have someone there to ensure that what we were being quoted by the builders was a fair price. We totally trusted Richard to do this and we always felt that he worked with our best interests at heart. Whilst coping with some of the ‘issues’ which could have cost us 1,000’s of additional pounds, we found his calm, considered personality very reassuring.

By being good at what he does, we estimate that Richard saved us tens of thousands of pounds off the total building costs. We would definitely use him again and in fact I have recommended him to my brother who is soon to embark on a similar building project. "

Monty, North West London

"In 1991 my wife and I embarked on building the first purpose Nursing Home in Bedfordshire – Taymer Nursing Home. We did not envisage the problems that were in our undertaking. At a bad financial time we were advised to seek out an established Quantity Surveyor. We were extremely lucky to find and appoint Richard Whidborne. From the start we found confidence in his approach that was to be fully justified.

Professionally first class, he was full of confidence in all aspects of finance and control, both to the project itself and earning the respect of ‘The Bank’.

Richard was a great asset to the whole team management, providing good sound input, very well respected by our Architects (Woods Hardwicke of Bedford) and the builders (T & E Neville of Luton). His attention to detail was paramount and it gave us great confidence, reassuring at all times with his consistent input.

During the time of the project my wife and I came to recognise that Richard was a unique part of our enterprise. He was in a professional relationship which became a great source of strength to us in some pretty dark days. (Bankers never understand)!

We came to regard Richard as a social and a professional friend and would have no hesitation in giving him the highest personal and professional references."

Dr F R Taylor, Mrs M W Taylor, SRN

Dear Richard,

Thank you for your diligence and thorough work. I hope we can still keep our lines of communication open.

I am sorry that our contact may not be quite as regular any more but rest assured that we hold your work and professionalism in the highest esteem and would certainly recommend your services to our friends.

I trust our paths may cross sooner or later and do keep well. It is snowing still in Verbier, yes!

All the best,



For those projects which are still in the early stages we offer a free online Construction Cost Calculator which provides a Professional Preliminary Estimate, which can be used to match your design and specifications to your budget or it can be used to provide a quick less accurate Ball Park Estimation.